Filler00 is a developer resource curated by Bloo for the oTCG (Online Trading Card Game) community. There are so many free tools and resources available today for aspiring web designers and developers, and it can all be quite a bit intimidating and confusing. Filler00 exists to organize and make sense of it all in a way that's relevant for oTCG owners and players.

Filler00 provides articles, support, and free resources in an effort to grow the oTCG community and inspire creativity and innovation amongst its userbase. Credits and link backs are not required to use our resources, but if anything on this site has been helpful to you, please share!


Technical support for our scripts and general development/coding help is available for free on the Filler00 Forums. I very much prefer that all support requests be directed there, as it helps me keep my open requests organized, and it also helps other users to be able to search for and read through past and existing issues. If you are not comfortable with posting your issue publicly, you can send me a private conversation.

Responses may take a while depending on my work and other commitments offline, but I guarantee you will get a response from me ASAP. Other community members often will step in to help out as well. Requests sent via email or other community forums have a tendency to get lost/forgotten, and so I will no longer guarantee a response via these or other mediums.

General Contact

Please send a private conversation to Bloo on the Filler00 Forums.