EasyTCG | New Release (v1.1.0-beta-2)

Posted on June 20, 2015
EasyTCG, News

This release includes fixes for all of the major bugs from the v1.1.0-beta-1 release:


There are still some minor bugs and feature enhancements that I want to iron out before releasing v1.1.0 stable, but in it's current state it's already much more stable and functional than the previous v1.0.1, so I highly recommend for anyone still using that version to upgrade to v1.1.0-beta-2. Upgrading from the beta to v1.1.0 stable once it's available should be pretty seamless as well, so you'll be a step ahead once the time comes. C:

Upgrade instructions and download are available at the link above! Feel free to post on the EasyTCG Support Forum if you need help upgrading.

Also, if you find any bugs, feel free to post a new issue directly to the Issue Tracker - this gets it added directly to my queue of things-to-do in preparation for the upcoming stable release! :Db Thanks to everyone who has helped identify and report bugs thus far! ♥